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Health Club presents work by Faheem Majeed along with artists: Nelly Agassi, Balas & Wax, Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, FieldWork, Charo Garaigorta, Kevin Miyazaki, and Bridget O’Gorman considering the interdependence of human wellness on constructed notions of place. Not in the obvious spots like the gym or the spa, but the seemingly benevolent locations like museums, hospitals, or parks, can we really examine how a society relies on the built environment to foster mental or physical health. Drawing, installation, painting, photography, and video included in the exhibition call attention to conflicting principles historically embedded in the architecture of such recreational places that nurture both public and private growth. As a result, we come to be more observant of the functions of these voluntary civic and leisure sites, how our bodies move through them, and question our role in realizing their intentions.

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