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2016 outdoor site-specific installation for Fermentation Festival

Field of our Fathers on display during Fermentation Festival in LaRue, WI

Materials: Muslin cloth, charcoal.

43.438633, -89.886350. LaRue, WI. 

I was invited to do an installation for part of Wormfarm's Fermentation Festival. After spending some time with the farmers and landowners, listening to them talk about their families' land, I was struck by the history and invisible boundaries this land carried, about the dimensions of history embedded in the dirt, and extended out into this space that blurred convoluted red tape and land laws with memory, with family history. 

This 30'x30' muslin cloth was laid over the resistant corn fields as I attempted to capture their imprint, the marks of resistance and overlap of a landscape forced into a flat plane, and given life again by the wind as it is lifted vertically against the horizon.

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